Commercial Roofing

From steep slope to low, our commercial roofing division is dedicated to and accountable for delivering a remarkable experience in all facets of the project. Anybody can conduct an initial weather damage inspection, but the accuracy, thoroughness and reliability of the existing conditions report, quality installation, strong administrative support and effective communication throughout the entire process is where we distinguish ourselves from the others in our industry. Since our inception in 2010, the Oak Crest leadership team has been diligent about maintaining a reputation of reliability, high integrity, quality installation and building long-term client relationships. These are four commitments not commonly associated with the roofing industry.

Why Choose Us?

The Oak Crest family of companies represent a professional commercial roofing team with 11 brick and mortar office locations across the country. In 2015 alone, we completed over 800 commercial roofing projects, utilizing extremely skilled and reliable inspection and installation teams. While Oak Crest Roofing started in 2010, the majority of our leadership team has more than 170 years of cumulative experience in the industry. Our founder and president, Dustin Doll, started the company with one primary goal in mind; to be a trustworthy, highly reliable and quality-minded roofing partner in the industry.

Our ability to work successfully with insurance adjustors, property owners and managers is unmatched in our space. With each party having sometimes varying interests and objectives, the Oak Crest advantage brings heightened attention to the due diligence, expertise of inspection, documentation, project management and installations. This ensures a level of quality and consistency our clients and insurance carriers have come to openly appreciate and expect.